Managing Your Products

Product Grading

Product Grades – overview Each product is “Graded” for overall quality and assigned a score from 0-1000. These Grades and designed to help you spot items where improvements are needed for better presentation and SEO value. Poor (Orange)- 0-499Average (Yellow) 500-849Good (Green) 850-1000 You can sort all of your product by Grade level by clicking […]

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Updating Your Product Data

When Do You Need to Update Your Products? Our Retailers rely on up-to-date, accurate, complete product digital details for marketing and selling items they purchase from you. Together, we request your aid in keeping this data updated.  New Product Releases As you get wholesale orders for your new items, it’s important to have those items

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Create a New Product

You can create new products individually using the steps below, or for massive updates, it’s often easier to prepare spreadsheets (CSV or Excel) and then submit product data to us for processing. Login to Vendor Portal, then to “Manage Products” Click the ‘Add Product’ button in the top-right Enter Starting Info Product Name – keep

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Editing Product Information

Navigating the list of Your Products Login to Vendor Portal, then to “Manage Products” General Options Add a Product –  see Create a New Product Select Manufacturer – if your user has permissions to view multiple vendor/manufacturer accounts, you can select the manufacturer of choice, then ‘Update Product List‘ button to show discontinued items in

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Item Number – Required

The item number is generally the unique number that you use to identify your product. This is also the number that a retailers refers to when creating a purchase order. This can include letters and numbers but should not have any special characters. This item is generally searchable and used in Point of Sale systems

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Product Image – Required

Need to get your product images to us? We accept all formats and can pull images from a File-share URL, FTP (ours or yours), email or send us a CD or DVD. Having good product images can be one of best marketing tools for your products. You should display your product out of it’s package

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Notify Retailers of Your Updates

You’ve made changes to your products, added new images, updated pricing,or any other number of additions to your products’ presentation. Now it’s time to let your retailers know that your products are looking their best in the STN database! We’ve made this easier for you to promote and share with your stores with just a

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