Adding your product line to the STN database is a no-cost, no-obligation benefit to your company. By adding your products, you’re helping your retailers with their online promotional efforts and e-commerce, which in turn increases your own sales totals.

Submitting Your Product Information is Simple:

Step 1. Compile your product details. Enter your product details in an Excel spreadsheet or other supported file type. xls Download the STN Product Details Spreadsheet.

Step 2. Gather images of each product. No need to resize images. We take care of that for you. (tips on naming your images)

Step 3. Send us your data & images. Our team will convert your information to web-friendly, easy to use digital products.

"The STN database of products has allowed us to give potential local customers a comprehensive look at our store before they ever come in."

Still have questions?

Q: Who owns my data?
A: You do. You are simply making it easy for retailers who are already selling your products in their brick-and-mortar stores to add your products to their individual online stores.

Q: I need to control who shows/sells my products. Can STN do this?
Yes. Please give us a call to discuss the options. (503) 434-9706

Q: How much does this cost?
Nothing. There is NO cost to you as the manufacturer.

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