Using your Shopify, Salsify, or other platform

In many cases, you may already have a good way of manage product details for your own internal needs or your own ecommerce platforms. We can often use reports from these sources as a means of getting good product data – in other words, there no need to use our starter spreadsheet if you already have a good means of generating product data reports.

Here’s a few common platforms you may be using, and notes on how to send us data from this source.

Shopify Store

If you are using Shopify for your own ecommerce or showcasing purposes, you can export product data from the shopify site to email the report to us. The report will by default include product image links that we can then pull from. Your shopify product data may not contain all fields needed for best quality presentation, but it can often be a great starting point.
Here’s the help page for that process:

Salsify Digital Catalogs

If you are using Salsify for data management, you can reate up-to-date product catalogs that you can share with us. You can share everything or make specific sets of products and sets of properties available for on-demand delivery, giving STN access to the most up-to-date and complete product information.
See also:

What Product Content to Include?

As a viewer of the reports, we can only see the product details you give us access to. So please include all the product data that will be useful in creating a fully finished item in a store’s website:

  1. SKU/ID
  2. Name
  3. UPC
  4. Brand
  5. Descriptions
  6. Images
  7. MSRP
  8. Package Weights
  9. Package Dimensions
  10. Category
  11. Recommended Ages
  12. Keywords
  13. Safety Alerts (if applicable)
  14. etc, etc.

Our goal here is to reduce workload for your retailers, help their visitors find the items easily, and present the items at their finest.

Other E-Commerce websites

Most ecommerce website systems will include tools for exporting product reports. If you would like to send us a report from your system, we are happy to review it and let you know if it will work as a data source.

ONIX Feeds

If you are publishing books and use a common feed system such as ONIX, we can setup a connection to accept data from your data feed. Please contact for details.

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