Excel Template Overview

A Video Introduction

In this video we go over the Specialty Toys Network template Excel file. This Excel file is what we offer toy, game manufacturers and book publishers to populate and then submit to quickly be added to the Specialty Toys Network program for free.

Do You Need to Use the STN Excel File?

In many cases, you may already have a good way of manage product details for your own internal needs or your own ecommerce platforms. We can often use reports from these sources as a means of getting good product data – in other words, there no need to use our starter spreadsheet if you already have a good means of generating product data reports.

see also Using your Shopify, Salsify, or other platform

STN Excel File Definitions

The following columns (Fields) and more are included in the Excel file.  Here are suggested guidelines for building your product data with these fields in mind.

Item Number (Product SKU)

The sku is typically the same that retailers use to order your products from you. The SKU is also used for naming the images and is generally appended with an assigned code generated by specialty Toys Network.

Product Name

The name of your product is very important as it should not only let the person know the name of the product but if possible tell the person what the product actually is. For example if your product was a stuunt kite and the name of your product was “The Dragon” you want to use “The Dragon Stunt Kite” which lets everyone know what the name of your product is as well as what the product is.


If you are a manufacturer that has different brands (i.e. Mattel has Hot wheels, Barbie, Polly Pockets, etc.) then put the name of the brand here.


Stands for Universal Product Code and a 12-digit item identifier used in the US and CA locales. The UPC is identifier used in barcodes. Inckuding the UPC for your products actually helps you product be found on the internet as well as assist retailers in managiing their products


An ISBN is a 10 or 13-digit number that identifies a particular title and edition of a book. Again ncluding ISBN numbers for your products if they exist help consumers in finding your products as well as retailers manage their inventory.


An EAN-13 barcode (originally “European Article Number”, but now renamed “International Article Number” even though the abbreviation has been retained) is a barcoding standard which is a superset of the original 12-digit Universal Product Code (UPC). Again ncluding EAN numbers for your products if they exist help
consumers in finding your products as well as retailers manage their

Short Description

The short description for your product is also considered the META description for your product. The character count limit for the short description 250 characters and does not support html or other markup languages. It is good practice that in the short description it tells the consumer what the product is and include the brand or manufacturer name within the description. For example using the earlier example of “The Dragon Stunt Kite” I would use for the short description:

The Dragon Stunt Kite by You Comapny Name is a quality stunt kite engineered to perform professional kite stunts.

Long Description

The long description does support html tags and styling. The long description should include the same information as the short description plus give the necessary information that will help the consumer decide to purchase the item.

Product Attributes

Attributes are selections that a consumer would need to make on a product to purchase it. For example if the item came in multiple colors then create a list for that attribute with the title of the attribute being first: Color,Red,Green,Yellow

If you need to have multiple attribute lists to choose from for example size and color you would need to seperate them out with a semicolon, for example: Size,Small,Medium,Large;Color,Red,Green,Yellow


Keywords are used for the searching of a product.

Product Images

We accept all image formats. For us though is the importance of identifying them iage and it’s association to the product. That’s why we recommend that you name the image the product item number, UPC or ISBN. If you are supplying more than one image for a product then append a “_x” where “x” = the ordering number.
i.e.  112233.jpg, 112233_1.jpg, 112233_2.jpg

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