Updating Your Brand Information

First, Login to the Vendor Portal...

Once you are logged into the Vendor Portal, you can edit your company’s information by going to Partner Center > Edit Brand Info, then selecting the Brand you wish to update and clicking the Edit Brand Info button (most manufacturers will only have their one main brand listed).

your brands

Wholesale Contact Information

On the Edit Brand Info page, there are multiple fields to update the main contact information for the brand. This contact info is provided to STN Retailers for product questions and to place orders, so should represent whoever can best address those types of requests.

Marketing Copy (about your company)

Near the bottom of the page are two large text boxes for your brand’s Marketing Copy, one for the copy displayed to retailers, and one for retailers to display to consumers. The marketing copy for Retailers is displayed to STN Retailers when they access our database and click on your brand. This should give them an idea who you are if they are unfamiliar, and provide any necessary instructions if there are specific things you require to become a retailer.

The second Marketing Copy is a place for you to describe your company to consumers who browse our retailers’ sites. When a retailer imports one of your products to their site, this description will be attached to your brand name on their brands page. NOTE: Retailers can edit this text once it has been imported to their website, so live site descriptions may vary.

Brand Logo

The logo displayed on this page is the logo that will be used by default for any STN retailer who imports your products to their site. To change the logo displayed, click the Choose File button and select a new logo file from your computer. It will be automatically resized when it is uploaded and will appear in the logo box after a few moments.

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