Updating Your Product Data

When Do You Need to Update Your Products?

Our Retailers rely on up-to-date, accurate, complete product digital details for marketing and selling items they purchase from you. Together, we request your aid in keeping this data updated. 

New Product Releases

As you get wholesale orders for your new items, it’s important to have those items within the STN Data library. As soon as our member retailers being entering your SKUs in their POS systems, the automated match-up tools we use will determine that Toy Store ABC has Item XYZ from your line, and if Toy Store ABC has the item in stock, out systems will build the item in the store’s website – that is, if the item exists in our data library.

When Retailer Request It

If one of your wholesale accounts request products be updated or added to the STN Database system, it’s a liekly indicator that many of your accounts need the items added.

Check the Vendor Reports

Our Vendor Reports system will help you see, in near real time, what items are needed by our Retail Stores.

Improving Existing Items

If have new package designs or additional information to add to items, it a good time to update them in the STN Database.

Adding a New Item Quickly

You can add individual items quite easily, including uploading images. Did you know our system will automatically optimize image files for you? … check out the video at the bottom of this page.

Editing & Improving Existing Items

Often a set of products will be added to the system with basic information, but not all data is available. It is very helpful to improve the quality of the product data as energy and time allows. Common updates include:

  • Updated package Imagery
  • Updated descriptions
  • Adding keywords – this can really help consumers find your items on the store’s website!
  • Adding Weights & Dimensions – useful for shipping calculations!

Submitting Data for Many Items at Once

If you are updating or adding data for more a than few products, it’s probably easiest to send us your data in a common spreadsheet format, and we will check and upload it for you.

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