Partner Benefits

As a brand owner, wouldn’t you like all retailers who sell your products online to use:

  • high quality photographs?
  • accurate product names?
  • professional descriptions?
  • current safety information?

Of course you would. When your products are positioned in the best way, your brand grows. By becoming an Official Partner of Specialty Toys Network, you do just that. And it’s free.

How Our Official Partner Program Works for You

Included in our all-in-one webstore solutions for retailers is a huge product database pre-loaded with quality, manufacturer-approved photos, descriptions and more from the brands requested by specialty toy retailers—brands such as Kettler, Melissa & Doug, HABA and Schylling.

Our retail members access all this data in our exclusive Product Import Tool, and they use it to quickly, easily add those products to the catalog pages of their online stores.

Where do we get that information? From you—the manufacturer.

By providing your product information to us electronically for inclusion in our Product Import Tool, you join as an Official Partner of Specialty Toys Network. It’s incredibly easy, and it’s absolutely free of charge.

More Benefits of the Official Partner Program

By becoming a Specialty Toys Network Official Partner, you guarantee that our extensive, fast-growing network of toy store members has *your* approved product images and the most compelling details to use in their online sales and marketing.

Partnering with Specialty Toys Network helps you:

  1. Expand Your Retailer Network

    We have a fast-growing, extensive network of specialty toy retailers—your customers and prospective customers. Becoming an Official Partner of Specialty Toys Network is FREE marketing to every one of our retail members—your target audience.
  2. Influence Your Brand Positioning Online

    You guarantee that our retail members get the high-quality photographs and product information that you’d like to appear online.
  3.  Improve Efficiency, Save Time & Money

    Reduce the amount of time you spend handling the same requests for product information. Partnership with us gives you an efficient, convenient way to push new or updated product data out to our extensive, fast-growing network of retailers—for free.
  4. Serve Your Customers

    Our retail members rely on their exclusive Specialty Toys Network Product Import Tool to add new products to their stores. Partnership with us makes you a hero in their eyes, making it an easier, more positive experience for them to sell your toys.
  5. Join with the Best

    We have more than 300 Official Partners, including leading brands such as Kettler, Melissa & Doug, HABA, Corolle and Schylling. Be counted among them.
    Did we mention it’s FREE?

Questions? Read our FAQs page.

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