Discontinued and Unavailable Products

Typically with discontinued products, we suggest that you mark them as unavailable instead of deleting them. This way, if a mutual retail client still has them in stock in their store, they can still get the information for their website. To mark the product as unavailable, simply Edit the product in the Update Product Info section and un-check this box:

Below you can see what a retailer sees for a product that is available, followed by a product that is unavailable.
  • If there are a large number of products that need to be marked as discontinued, you can send a spreadsheet with the list of discontinued SKUs to support@stoysnetpartner.com and we can update them for you.

  • If it is necessary that the products be removed rather than marked unavailable, send a list of SKUs that need to be removed to support@stoysnetpartner.com and we will clean them out for you.

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