Product Image – Required

Need to get your product images to us? We accept all formats and can pull images from a File-share URL, FTP (ours or yours), email or send us a CD or DVD.

Having good product images can be one of best marketing tools for your products. You should display your product out of it’s package and depending on the product may require a model using the product. When speaking about this topic I like to use as an example the product Bilibo which by itself it is hard to know what it is. It looks like a mixing bowl or strainer but as soon as a model is added there is not mistaking that it an item that is intended for making fun. The other benefit to using models in your product images is that they will more than likely get used in catalogs, blogs, newsletters, trade publications, banners, video, etc…

biblibo biblibo-model1 biblibo-model2

Image Formats

Product images should be in JPEG (.jpg) format but we do accept all image formats and prefer hi-rez images. Formats that we accept are JPG, JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PSD and AI.

Image Dimensions

Images should be larger than 500 x 500 pixels at 72 dpi. Again we prefer hi-res images.

File Name

To name an image file, use the product’s SKU, followed by the view order (_01), then the file extension. For example: 112134_01.jpg. The lowest view order number will be the main image used for product information (This is not a strict requirement, but it is highly recommended; contact your engagement manager if you’d like to do otherwise).  Once you have named the file and saved it to your webserver, supply the URL to the image in the “Image 1 filename” field of your Data Template (i.e. or if you are supplying the images to us by FTP, Email or mailing us a disc then just place the name of the image in the “Image 1 filename” field of your Data Template (i.e. 112134_01.jpg) and for the next image place the name of the image in the “Image 2 filename” field of your Data Template (i.e. 112134_02.jpg) and so on.


Images must be free of borders
Images must not have text or typesets
Text, typesets, and logos that are part of the product packaging (e.g., on a product label) are fine.


Products should be recognizable, in focus, well lit, and occupy 80%-90% of the image area
Items should be outside any packaging or shrink-wrap that obscures the product.  For instance, a doll should be outside of its packaging.
We request that the image background be white. Please provide us ( with a sample image if your backgrounds deviate from this request so we can both agree upon a workable solution.

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