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Where to View Reports

To access your reports, log in to the Vendor Portal and select a report from the Reports dropdown:

Updating Your Product Data

When Do You Need to Update Your Products? Our Retailers rely on up-to-date, accurate, complete product digital details for marketing and selling items they purchase from you. Together, we request your aid in keeping this data updated.  New Product Releases As you get wholesale orders for your new items, it’s important to have those items …

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Excel Template Overview

A Video Introduction In this video we go over the Specialty Toys Network template Excel file. This Excel file is what we offer toy, game manufacturers and book publishers to populate and then submit to quickly be added to the Specialty Toys Network program for free. Download the Excel template Do You Need to Use …

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Image File Formats

It is usually best to save product images for web usage in the JPEG image compression format. The JPEG format will save an image with good compression value. When saving, select a relatively high quality, such as 80% (in PhotoShop) or “High Quality” or “Best Quality”. File formats that we can work with: .jpg    (preferred) …

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Create a New Product

You can create new products individually using the steps below, or for massive updates, it’s often easier to prepare spreadsheets (CSV or Excel) and then submit product data to us for processing. Login to Vendor Portal, then to “Manage Products” Click the ‘Add Product’ button in the top-right Enter Starting Info Product Name – keep …

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Editing Product Information

Navigating the list of Your Products Login to Vendor Portal, then to “Manage Products” General Options Add a Product –  see Create a New Product Select Manufacturer – if your user has permissions to view multiple vendor/manufacturer accounts, you can select the manufacturer of choice, then ‘Update Product List‘ button to show discontinued items in …

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Updating Your Brand Information

First, Login to the Vendor Portal… Once you are logged into the Vendor Portal, you can edit your company’s information by going to Partner Center > Edit Brand Info, then selecting the Brand you wish to update and clicking the Edit Brand Info button (most manufacturers will only have their one main brand listed). Wholesale Contact Information On …

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Creating a New User

First, Login to the Vendor Portal… After logging in as an admin, navigate to the user management page, and click the create user button on the user management page. On the create user page fill out all the required fields. Additionally: Check the monthly vendor report box to get shareable reports of the vendor(s) products …

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Sending Images to STN

Zip before you ship see the help info at the bottom of this page for assistance in Zipping or Compressing files. × Dismiss alert If you’re sending images to us, there are a number of ways to do that: 1. Upload Now Click here to go to the Upload page. Please zip up collections whenever you …

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