Long Description

The long description is where you will want to use the marketing copy to convince the shopper to buy the product. It is highly reccomended that you use keywords that you may have used in the product name as well as the short description. The matching of the keywords add relevance and importance to those keywords which search engines use in returning search results. For example I am going to use a Ravensburger product to help demonstrate on a website the keyword concept.

Here is the product details landing page where all of the information gets used in the different important areas. I’m going to show you the connections of all of these elements and how you should keep the keywords in all of them as well as use them in the long description. For this example I am going to use the product title “Dexter the Digger” as the keyword as well as the manufacturer name.

This demonstration is not covering what makes a good keyword or how to do keyword analysis this is just inform you the areas that would use the keywords in relation to the Long Description.

Here on this image you will see that the product title is displayed “Dexter the Digger” as well in the long description “Dexter the Digger” is used plus we also incuded the manufacturer name “Ravensburger”. Ideally if the product is a part of a brand we would use the brand name as this is typically how a shopper searches for a product online.



Next lets look at the other elements on this product details page that us the keyword “Dexter the Digger” as well as “Ravensburger”. Both of these should be incorporated in the URL for the product landing page.



Also the title of the product page should include the keywords.



And last but not least the meta information should include all of the keywords.


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