Maple Landmark

Maple Landmark

A world of American made wood products

At Maple Landmark, we have been making eco-friendly, educational wooden toys, games and gifts since 1979 at our shop here in Middlebury, Vermont. We pride ourselves in being a local company that supports other local companies who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner. We employ about 40 local folks year around. As a result of these practices we produce products that have always been safe and of superior quality.

America does make things! We pride ourselves in being one example, right here in Middlebury, Vermont. Maple Landmark is local, with local materials, not something that happens 10,000 miles away. We craft a wide range of toys and gifts which follow American standards of product safety, employee safety, and environmental protection. No shortcuts. There is still a need for children to learn basic manipulation and construction so we believe in time-tested toys for hands-on learning and exploration.

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