Kenson Kids

Kenson Kids

Kenson Parenting Solutions is dedicated to providing parents and caregivers innovative and practical solutions to assist in the development, protection and wellbeing of their children. All of their kid’s reward charts and other products have been tested and proven to be beneficial to parents and most importantly your children.



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Reward Charts for Kids

Children thrive on praise and a little incentive goes a long way. Our reward charts give parents the tools to help raise more self-reliant, responsible kids.
Our reward charts for children have fun, colorful pictures and are easy to use. Kids love earning stars and tracking their progress on our reward charts.
The award winning “I Can Do It!” Reward Chart has been recommended by

Reward Charts for Children with ADHD

Many children with ADHD thrive on routine and tracking their progress. Our reward charts for kids can help your child. The pictures on our “I Can Get Ready for School!” Reward Chart make it easy to see what tasks are finished and what is left to complete.

Reward Charts for the Classroom

We’ve teamed up with educators to bring a new line of reward charts to the classroom setting. We offer a line of charts designed to be used in a preschool, daycare and elementary classroom settings.
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