FAQs about Becoming an Official Partner of Specialty Toys Network

By joining the Official Partner program of Specialty Toys Network, you provide your product information for inclusion in our master database. This database is accessible ONLY to retail members of Specialty Toys Network via our exclusive Product Import Tool. It is not visible to the general public or shared with anyone outside of our retailer membership.

After your product information has become part of our master database, our retail members can view it in the Product Import Tool that’s in their webstore administrative interface. If they’re one of your current customers, they can add your products instantly to their online store. If they’re not yet one of your customers, they can view your sales contact information and inquire about opening an account with you.

Our retail members include 120+ of your customers and prospective customers: specialty toy store owners throughout the United States. Most of them have brick-and-mortar stores and also market their stores online. They are legitimate, validated retailers who can be selling your products in seconds if you’re one of our Official Partners.

Yes! We allow you to block access from any STN Retailer who is not one of your approved vendors. View instructions

Here’s a list of information that we must have to include your brand in the Specialty Toys Network Product Import Tool:

  • Item Number
  • Product Name
  • Product Description
  • Product Image or Images
  • MSRP and/or Cost

Yes! In fact, we recommend you include the following information to improve the performance of your products online:

  • Age range
  • Choking hazard warnings
  • Category
  • UPC
  • ISBN
  • Short description (250 characters or less)
  • Length, width, height (inches)
  • Weight (pounds)
  • Video demonstration
  • Awards
  • Country of origin

Other items we like to receive are company and/or brand logos, your sales contact information, and a description of your company or brand for consumers.

No. We’re nearly super-human, but we still can’t read minds. You’ll need to provide us with your new information. Once you do, we’ll upload the new feed into our Specialty Toys Network database and alert our retail members about your updated product information.

After we receive your product data, it generally takes only 5 business days for us to process it and make it available to our retail members.

Reduce the amount of time your sales team has to spend handling the same requests for product information over and over. By providing us with your data, we efficiently reach hundreds of toy store owners, freeing your sales team to spend more time on sales. Plus, we help you preserve your brand reputation online by helping ensure that even the smallest toy stores present your products well, with high-quality images and product descriptions.

You get the best possible positioning for the least possible investment! You can ensure that your products show up online with high-quality images and descriptions. Plus, you also benefit from this efficient, convenient way to push product data out to 100s of retailers – including many who may not yet be familiar with your brand.

Being an official partner of Specialty Toys Network is a one-size-fits-all opportunity! You can enjoy the fast, efficient, convenient way to ensure accuracy when prices change, product packaging changes, or certifications or other information changes. Plus, you’ll have regular, online “shelf space” in front of our fast-growing, extensive network of specialty toy store owners.

No. Our Official Partner program is not an affiliate, sales or commission service. Our retail members place orders for your products through their normal channels (i.e., your sales department, a showroom or sales rep).

If you’re looking for a website design firm that can build you a wholesale/retail website, however, please contact us! We can help you offer a wholesale storefront to enable retailers to place orders with you through your website.

We send out regular newsletters to our retail members announcing our new and renewed Official Partners. These announcements are dedicated – only one brand is featured at a time. The email includes your sales department contact information, logo and brand information. Coming soon, we’ll offer Official Partners additional exciting promotional opportunities with our entire network of retail members.

There is no catch! Participation is free for manufacturers, and the process is easy.

We try to cover as much info as possible here, but every line is different. If you still have questions, please call us at 503-434-9706 or contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

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