Monday, September 23, 2019

Naming Image Files

After you’ve gathered your product images, it’s important to make sure they get associated with your products correctly.

There are a couple ways to do that, either way is fine:

1. Name the files so they match your Item Numbers

Name the files using this convention:

Image Number (+) Underscore (+) Multiple Image Number (+) File Format

example: 32965_1.jpg

Let’s look at each part of a sample filename:

32965 start with your Item Number
_ then we add an underscore (_)
1 then we add a number if there are multiple images for the product
.jpg then add the file format

Here are a few sample filenames:

How to name images for a product with only 1 image:
320496.jpg   (320496_1.jpg is also fine)

Here’s how to name the images for a product with 4 images:

tip: click here for acceptable image formats

tip: ways to send us the image files


2. ...OR, Associate files in a spreadsheet

Instead of renaming your images to match your Item Numbers, you can include a reference link to the image files in a spreadsheet format.

This reference link can be a filename(s) or a web URL(s). When using a web URL, we can download the files; if using filenames only, be sure to send us the files.

Sample layouts

products with single images

products with multiple images... single row for each item

products with multiple images... multiple rows

Products with web URLs

tip: click here for acceptable image formats

tip: ways to send us the image files

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